Public Speaking: The Right Way and The Wrong Way

Ideally, there are right and wrong methods for completing the many duties and activities we partake in. How successful we are in performing such duties depends on how well we adhere to the defined expectations and standards. However, I like to maintain that there isn’t a single right approach to communicating effectively when it comes to public speaking. Yet, we have both excellent and subpar communicators. The combination of these three dynamics determines how successful a speaker we are.


Here we look at how well a speaker is suited to speak on the subject at hand. This has much to do with how an audience perceives you regarding your knowledge and expertise. Interestingly, the speaker and his/her message are judged on the same scale. Thus, to win your audience’s confidence, emphasize any special experience or training that qualifies you to speak on the specific topic. Show preparedness by citing a variety of research sources, such as books, interviews,, or even consultations.


Ethics is one of the primary elements of public speaking. Your audience will believe you more when they perceive you as a person of high moral standards. This becomes noticeable during your delivery as you raise your arguments and push for your agenda. Ensure that your arguments are not biased and that you have examined both sides of the issue. Your audience is also keen to see your genuine concern for them, rather than selfish or discriminating interests.


Your personality and magnetic appeal to your audience make up your charisma. We may connect with and have a larger impact on people when we use the power of charisma and presence than we otherwise could. Importantly, this is a call to deliver a speech with enthusiasm and energy, not to put on a show. At the Personal and Corporate Development Company, we explicitly strive to produce effective speakers who are their most authentic selves instead of following predetermined formulas to feign confidence and delivery. We believe that with personalized coaching and guidance, anyone can develop, refine, and upgrade their public speaking skills. 

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