Benefits of Traning Kids in Public Speaking

The ability to express one’s self effectively is an important tool in any individual’s life. Independent of our personalities, our success and quality of life is predicated on how we communicate and relate with other people in life. More so, the quality of life greatly improves when we can express our thoughts, desires, and ideas confidently.

From the testimonies of many of our students, they tend to tell us that the challenge of expressing themselves has been with them for as long as they can remember. Many are delighted to learn that we have a public speaking program targeting kids and young adults, something that they weren’t exposed to as they grew up.

The kids’ public speaking program, Sprout Speakers, aims to build a solid foundation in composition and presentation skills. Not only do public speaking classes develop the ability to confidently speak, but also equip them with the skill of formulating speeches and organizing information in a way that can be presented and understood by an audience. Beyond the skills, we also teach them essential aspects of building character and strong values.

To break down the benefits, in a nutshell, the Kids Public Speaking Program aims to:

1. Develop their confidence in public speaking

Confidence is built from the inside out. When we put children in a setting where they are influenced and encouraged to become aware of themselves and their surroundings, they develop and feel more confident. They learn about their rights and responsibilities as well as their obligation to others.

2. Learn to develop and structure a speech

Articulation is not just the ability to speak, but to organize our thoughts and speak in a way that we can be easily understood. When children acquire speaking lessons, they learn how to organize pieces of content so that it flows and the speech’s goal is met.

3. Discover their personality, interests, and proclivities

One of the most important advantages of public speaking training for children is that it allows us to reveal and refine their personalities. They will learn the importance of etiquette, good manners, and universal moral ideals, as well as how to apply them. Furthermore, the speeches they deliver will primarily be about topics about which they are passionate.

4. Learn to appropriately use body language, the voice and eye contact

Public speaking can be likened to acting in a play. Inasmuch as the child might have a good speech prepared, the delivery is a significant part of the effectiveness of the speech. These aspects of public speaking seldom come naturally. However, with the right training, children can learn how to deliver with confidence and charisma by applying these elements.

The advantages of public speaking training for children are too many to be covered in a single blog. It’s also worth noting that this is a lifelong training rather than a one-time course. It’s a program that should be delivered on a regular basis, with the level of intensity increasing as they become older.

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